How to access the audio

You’ll probably want to access the audio files before starting the course. We use Bandcamp to distribute the audio for the course, as it’s flexible, reliable and lets you pay as much or as little as you want (including nothing!) for the course audio, which was originally distributed on 10CDs and meant that the course cost significantly more than it does now.

We’ve set the audio up on Bandcamp so that you can download the audio files to your computer and play them from there at no extra charge.

However, if you’d like to stream the audio from the Bandcamp app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet Bandcamp require you to make a small purchase. At the time of writing the minimum price you’ll need to pay is less than a pound, but of course you can choose to pay more if you like, or pay nothing and download the files to your computer.

Either way you’ll need to create an account on

Then go to and choose the Cadw Swn Complete Audio Collection.

Make sure you're signed into your Bandcamp account otherwise the audio might not get linked to your account. You'll also need to download the Bandcamp app to your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Please make sure that the app is available for your phone or tablet beforehand.

NB, to keep your data costs down always ensure that you're streaming

over wifi rather than using your phone's data allowance. We also suggest that you download the full set of audio files to your computer at some point as a backup. That way you’ll always have access to the audio.