There's very little planning involved in my work, usually I wake up with the intention of making a devil baby/goblin/hare etc. I'd just like to make it clear that I don't hear any voices though. Oh no. I absolutely do not hear voices of creatures asking to come into our world. Might've said too much already.

Prior to sculpting I've enjoyed being a video games writer, author, Welsh tutor, maker and animator, all professionally. I had hit computer games with Slightly Magic and Rock Star Ate My Hamster back in the day, have produced animations for TV show titles and written books for Welsh learners.

You can find out more about my games at www.potassiumfrog.com

My Welsh course and books are available through Amazon, or you can take a look at my Welsh-to-adults course at www.cadwswn.com

This site is now a showcase for my sculptures. I hope you enjoy having a look around. There's a link to my instagram at the bottom of this page, and a portfolio section at the top. Thanks for looking ❤️